feelin so nostalgic and a little sad tonight.


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sad-but-truex asked: You're literally amazing i love how confident you are with your body its beautiful

Thank you so much lovely! You are such a beautiful person. It is a daily struggle for me to have confidence in myself or not say anything negative about myself. I try and fight away bad thoughts about certain “imperfections” I see in the mirror. I hope one day I can truly love every inch of my body and never have a bad thought. And I hope that by sharing my story I can influence positivity to others struggling with body image. Lots of love, xoxox

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Anonymous asked: hi darling thank u so much for that before/after post, u look gorgeous in both but even more so in the 2nd pic because you're exploding with confidence. i saw this post on my dash right when i was planning to go weigh myself bc i'm returning to my dorm tomorrow & was stressing that i had put on too much weight during holidays. thank u ♥

Oh my goodness. Thank you, you beautiful person! I never would have thought that making that post would inspire so much positive feedback from others and it makes me so happy to think that my story can influence body positivity in others

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i seriously love how much body positivity seems to be exploding throughout the media these days. however, i hate it when people take it to the extreme and shame on people being slim. it’s so hypocritical. yes you can love your curves or appreciate curves but that doesn’t mean that slim people are suddenly less attractive or sexually appealing. it’s a double standard. i just wish people could get rid of this universal standard of what “beauty” is and ya know actually view people as unique individuals with beautiful bodies regardless of size, color, sexual orientation, etc. we just need to be kinder to one another because at the end of the day we are all just trying to survive and make it through day to day life - doesn’t that give us a common ground? how about next time you see someone you perceive as “pretty” or “prettier than you” instead of thinking negatively about them or yourself — why not actually tell them what you think. it might just make their day. we all have insecurities and sometimes it’s nice to just even be complimented on something as simple as your outfit.

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i just wanna get my nipples pierced and my tattoo so badly. but ya know, money and stuff.

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